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So what’s next?

After our initial call and agree with the project scope and budget we can then proceed with the development.

Check the complete development steps:


We start off by doing a call discussing what do you want or if there is a website we can base the design. It will be a lot faster if you already have a design in mind


A thorough design will be created base on our discussion. A software called Figma will be used for easy updates on the design. Daily update will be given to make the process faster.


Now everything is ready the development will start! Everything will be configured base on the planning , content will be populated and daily updates will be given. 

Quality Assurance

Every project I will handle will undergo quality assurance making sure the website is responsive , forms are working , functionality should be working and everything should working the way it should be. During this stage changes will be updated base on client feedback.


I always make sure the transition of new website will be no down time. After the go live I will check once again the settings and all the necesarry functionality making sure everything is working perfectly.


Support includes minor changes to the website. Training will be provided via a pdf file and a call upon request.

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