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I am not a native English speaker so apology for any grammatical error. I find it hard for me to explain my thoughts sometimes.

Hire a wordpress developer to do wordpress themes and plugins maintenance

Why you need a WordPress developer to update your themes and plugins

Updating WordPress themes and plugins is one of the crucial parts of maintaining your website. Keeping the core version of WordPress up to date together with your themes and plugins would be a good practice and will make sure your website is secure and safe. When to update your WordPress website...
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WordPress developer Philippines development package

10% OFF With My 5 Hours Package – Good for 2 weeks

I am introducing my 5 hours package that starts at $100 with a promo I am giving away 10% off for the orders starting today until July 26. The 5 hours package is good with:Website One Time UpdateWebsite Hosting Transfer and DNS UpdateSeveral updates to your website might include new blog...
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November blog update developer WordPress hosting

November 2020 Update

November was a very good month after all. I did some updates on my personal website as well by targeting several local search engine optimization that I think will benefit from my service. I continued working with Mark a very nice guy from Australia who gives me steady work until now....
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Best WordPress cache plugin for 2020 and the correct WP Rocket settings

Best WordPress cache plugin settings – WPRocket

In the past few months clients are coming to me telling the load speed of their website is so bad making potential customers leave. When I checked the website I see caching plugins currently active and upon checking the settings most of the time it is only using the default settings...
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September and October 2020 Update

My plate was so full the past 2 months and I can say I am so blessed even with the pandemic going on. So thankful with my client Mark for giving me a lot of work and I can say I surpass the income I got from my previous full time...
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August 2020 Update and more!

August has been a very good month I would say. It started really good I have a lot of work with a good client Mark he keeps giving me work and I always deliver high quality work as my promise to him. I learnt a lot of things too specifically grammar...
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