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I am not a native English speaker so apology for any grammatical error. I find it hard for me to explain my thoughts sometimes.

August 2020 Update and more!

August has been a very good month I would say. It started really good I have a lot of work with a good client Mark he keeps giving me work and I always deliver high quality work as my promise to him. I learnt a lot of things too specifically grammar...
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July 2020 Update and WordPress 5.5 IS HERE!!!!

I know I am late with my monthly update as it is mid August already I was swamped with project in the past month and took me some time to update my very own website. I will also include in the blog post what I like about the new WordPress 5.5...
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How to upload webp image in WordPress website

I know you heard about an image format .webp it is a modern image format that provides superior lossless and lossy compression for images on the web , meaning it will reduce the size of your .jpg , .png or any image format. You can see  .webp is important specially when...
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Browser extensions that are useful for developers

During my journey as a WordPress developer I used several extensions that I find useful specially making my task easier. Most of the extensions is for Google chrome browser but most of the time you can find similar extension in Firefox too. Let us be honest Firefox and Google chrome are...
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New website is live and June 2020 update

I have been working for so many clients in the past few months and I mentioned last time during my update that I am going to update my website and I finished it! I still stick to my favorite color when developing a website , orange and black and I still...
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Why Elementor is the best WordPress page builder

There are a lot of page builder for WordPress today. I myself have experienced working with several page builder namely Divi page builder which comes with Divi theme ,  X theme page builder , Visual Composer , Beaver builder and other built in page builder by a theme. I can say...
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