August 2020 Update and more!

August has been a very good month I would say. It started really good I have a lot of work with a good client Mark he keeps giving me work and I always deliver high quality work as my promise to him. I learnt a lot of things too specifically grammar side of things because me and Mark keeps on taking via skype which I find good and he answers me every time I have questions in regards to grammar. Mark also give me idea on what Australia looks like , the culture and history of the country. I learn a lot of local search engine optimization too thanks to Mark he discuss a lot of techniques and methods which I also apply on some of the task he assigned to me.

Here are the numbers for the month of August:

  1. Spent minimum of 15 hours working for Mark and his task.
  2. Updated my personal websites to latest version of WordPress which is 5.5 .
  3. Learn a lot with local search engine optimization which I can use to optimize my personal website.
  4. Planning on creating my own listing website for our local town wherein business owners can list their goods and service.

That would be all for the month if you need any WordPress development service I am always open to accept new enquiries and clients.

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