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Find the answers to most questions I received from clients who asked me to convert their website to WordPress. Most questions are common but feel free to send me a message if you have questions that is not listed below.

My website is really old and using custom CMS , can it be converted to WordPress?

Absolutely! It would be a good to use WordPress rather than custom CMS which will have a lot of threat security wise.

How can I share access to you?

I mainly use a password management tool called Lastpass that way I have access to the website without me knowing the password.

Why ecommerce website conversion takes a lot more time?

There will be a lot of exporting and importing of data for ecommerce website , products , old orders , customer access etc. which is why it will take several weeks or even months to convert your ecommerce website to WooCommerce.

Can pages be excluded?

Yes , pages can be excluded just include which pages do you want to be excluded when you send me a message.

Can I select a theme to use when you convert my HTML website?

Absolutely! You can give any input for your new website without extra cost.

I don't have a hosting for the new website , can you help?

I offer website hosting too so no need to worry about WordPress website hosting.

My website is now converted to WordPress , now what?

Converting your website to WordPress is the first step , now it is time to focus on your website. Updating your website plugins and themes from time to time is a good practice. If you want me to manage your website and update it on a monthly basis feel free to check my WordPress website maintenance service.

How can I manage my new WordPress website?

Managing WordPress website (adding new blog post , page , editing or even removing) is really easy! I will provide free training after the website conversion so you can easily manage the website yourself.

We are an agency , can we outsource all our website conversion to you?

Yes! I am always looking for long term partners and all my service can be white labeled at no extra cost.

What if I want to add new pages after my website is live is it possible?

Yes it is possible. You can add unlimited pages but if you want me to add it for you I might need to ask for an hourly fee or if you get my WordPress website maintenance service you get a free hour of technical work.

Still need more answers? Feel free to contact me.