September and October 2020 Update

My plate was so full the past 2 months and I can say I am so blessed even with the pandemic going on. So thankful with my client Mark for giving me a lot of work and I can say I surpass the income I got from my previous full time work.

There’s a lot going on lately in my career and I am so thankful to it. With the past 2 months here are the things I’ve done – everything is a task from Mark:


  1. Created 3 new websites 1 is eCommerce using WooCommerce website
  2. Did maintenance to several clients of Mark
  3. Updated my own websites plugin and themes
  4. Recovered one hacked websites from my previous client – not Mark’s client.

All in all I can say I am so blessed. The website for my Woocommerce development service is also live.

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