November 2020 Update

November blog update developer WordPress hosting

November was a very good month after all. I did some updates on my personal website as well by targeting several local search engine optimization that I think will benefit from my service. I continued working with Mark a very nice guy from Australia who gives me steady work until now. I forgot to list the things I accomplished for the month of November but the most important part is my WordPress website maintenance service is now live.

I am not sure if I can get a lot of client from it with my pricing just check the page specific for the service. I know there are a lot of big companies already that offer that kind of service and hard to compete with them and right now I only have 2 clients that I service with WordPress website maintenance.

What will happen to my WordPress hosting service?

During the start of the year I plan to offer affordable , secure and fast WordPress hosting service to my clients but right now I think it is hard since most of my clients already have a hosting and I just optimize it for them for fast loading speed and making it secure. Furthermore , I still have a client who uses my hosting and planning to create a tutorial on how to spend less and have a very good hosting already.

What I can say I accomplish a lot in November is my Search Engine Optimization campaign for several keywords and getting good results with it right now. I am planning to continue with my Local SEO campaign see how it goes.

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