6 Reasons why WordPress is better than other platforms

There are a lot of articles when you search online about why choose WordPress over other platform , well I will give you 6 reason why WordPress is better than other platforms. This is base on my experience working as a WordPress developer for more than 5 years now.

As we all know WordPress is a website content management system making it easier for you to create your own website and manage it yourself. Early days of WordPress it was used for blogging as it attracts a lot of developers it become all in one platform for building sites. Starting from creating a portfolio , membership websites , eCommerce and more! There is no limitation on what you can do with a WordPress website!

I myself I used several CMS in the past starting from Drupal , Joomla and even created our very own CMS(which took a lot of time using codeigniter – it was 6 years ago) nothing can beat WordPress for me , no bias just base on my experience on how easy to use WordPress and the possibility of creating functionalities that will meet your needs is really easy!

6 Reasons why WordPress is better than other platforms:

  1. User Friendly – I say this is the number one , a lot of my clients in the past just come to me and said they want to convert what they currently have mostly Drupal or Joomla to WordPress as they said they are having hard time managing there own website and they hear a lot of good feedback from there colleagues or even neighbors about how easy to use WordPress. They There were all correct WordPress is very user friendly that even a non-technical person can easily navigate and manage a WordPress built Website!
  2. It is open source – You can say most of the platform now a days are open source but let me tell you the contributors of WordPress are non-stop making update to core WordPress in order for us to have good experience!
  3. Admin Dashboard is so easy to use – WordPress admin dashboard is so straight forward , maybe at first you will be confused but trust me using WordPress for like 3 hours you will get familiar right away about the admin dashboard of WordPress.
  4. Free plugin and themes – The WordPress free plugins and themes alone is insane in numbers! I can say it is almost millions you can check WordPress themes here and WordPress plugins here. I didn’t even include the independent developers / agency who provide free plugins from there website!
  5. Limitless possibility of what you can do – Yes you read it right , you can do anything with WordPress either creating a business website that display your information , adding online reservation , selling products online , create a membership website WordPress can do that. You can say it is a bit hard to do but there are a lot of WordPress expert that can help you with that one in a very reasonable price!
  6. 75,000,000 websites using WordPress – A survey conducted by whoishostingthis.com those website owners are really loving WordPress  , why not try WordPress today and see it for yourself.

I now give my own reason why I always promote WordPress to someone, 10 out of 10 when someone ask me what platform to use in creating a website no hesitation I will right away reply with WordPress!

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