How much does it cost to have a new business website

With my 5 years WordPress development working for several agency and company I somewhat find a pattern on how to determine how much you should be paying for your new business website. It will always come down to how complicated your website will be and what you want to achieve. Well that is so broad right? Let me elaborate it further.

Lets say you want to create a simple website that only have 3 pages basic one for homepage , about your business and contact us it will be a lot cheaper compare to a website that has a lot of page with several functionality such as eCommerce. Take into consideration as well the developer that you are hiring , an agency that offers complete package such as website and marketing will cost you around no less than $1,000 for a business website. Most of the time hiring a freelance website developer is a lot cheaper and is a lot risky.

Why hiring a freelancer to do your business website is risky

First thing first , most of the website freelancer is offshore meaning the location is really far from you (most likely they will be different country as yours , worst part is the timezone is different). Hiring a freelance WordPress developer(considering you will build your website using WordPress) is cheaper compare to hiring a full agency to do your business website. Considering hiring a freelance website developer will most likely cost you 40% less lets say a company website that have more than 10 pages and doesn’t have complicated functionality(eCommerce , advance functions and customization needed) will only range $400-$1000.

What you should consider before hiring a freelance WordPress developer

Finding a good freelance WordPress developer is really hard nowadays. There are a lot of freelancer that offers a really cheap service than others but don’t forget about the quality. Here are the list you can check before hiring a freelance WordPress developer:

  1. Feedback and review –  I say this is the most important as you can see the performance or the qualify of work of the freelancer base on his past work. This could be tricky as well most of the time other freelancer will create fake review to themselves. Website like review can really make sure it is legit. Here is a sample of a good upwork freelancer feedback
  2. Portfolio – Most client will always look for the previous work , a good freelance developer is always proud of his/her work.
  3. Price – Well I mentioned above some developers will offer a very low price compare to others sacrificing the quality of work.

Now you have an idea how much a company website should cost are you ready to have your very own website? Feel free to send a quote here and I will reply to you within 24 hours! CLICK HERE to request a quote.

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