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During my journey as a WordPress developer I used several extensions that I find useful specially making my task easier. Most of the extensions is for Google chrome browser but most of the time you can find similar extension in Firefox too. Let us be honest Firefox and Google chrome are the commonly used browser right now. The extension that I will list will benefit developers making task easier.

Browser extensions for Chrome or Add-ons for Firefox that will help developers:

  1. LastPass – LastPass is an award-winning password manager it easily saves all the password that you needed. You can securely access your passwords and notes. Once you save an access to a certain website lastpass will then automatically fill up the access when you visit the website again. Let us be honest using secure ( different each website) password is crucial now a days specially the hacking that is going on. You can easily share your access to someone without them seeing the password.
    1. Chrome extension link for LastPass  
    2. Firefox add-ons link for LastPass
  2. AdBlock – I know using adblock has disadvantage like not able to see useful ads when you visit a certain website but it is disturbing most of the time specially the popups. The adlblock extension and addon for firefox have an option that you can pause blocking ad by just clicking a button.
    1. Chrome extension link for Adblock 
    2. Firefox add-ons link for Adblock
  3. ClearCache – Not able to see the changes you have made while developing? Doing a hard refresh (ctrl + f5) just won’t work? ClearCache extension / add-ons is a very lightweight tool that can help you. I agree most of the time we check the changes in Incognito mode or Private Browsing but it won’t be bad to save some extra memory not opening a new private browsing or incognito.
    1. Chrome extension link for Clear Cache
    2. Firefox add-ons link for Clear Cache
  4. Full page screen capture – There are several methods to take a screenshot in Chrome or Firefox. Using a 3rd party website or using a console , but it is a lot easier when you can save a full page screen capture of your website right away. I introduce to you full page screen capture a handy tool that will save a website into png , jpg or even pdf.
    1. Chrome extension link for Screen capture
    2. Firefox add-ons link for Screen capture
  5. Tag assistant ( Chrome only) – Checking google tags including analytics , google tag manager and more is easier using tag assistant extension. Imagine a scenario you are redesigning a website and you don’t want to miss any google tags having a tag assistant extension will display all the tags found in that website and if it is correctly installed.
    1. Chrome extension link for tag assistant
  6. Ruler – I experienced before having problem with alignment specially a custom layout that I am trying to copy from a PSD / Figma design. Our monitor / eyes might trick as in believing it is correctly align but in fact there is a 1px or even 2px different. Having a ruler extension /add-ons will help you with the problem and let us be honest we also experience using a literal ruler trying to make sure the content is properly align.
    1. Chrome extension link for Ruler
    2. Firefox add-ons link for Ruler

I listed six extensions / add-ons that I find helpful , I know most of them is not that useful to you but trust me it will come handy during your development. If you have any development project or task I am open for any WordPress or WooCommerce development.

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