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Cebu Website Design

The importance of good website design

Website Design and Website Development are not the same, website design focuses more on layout, usability and visual appearance of a website wherein Website Development focuses on behind the scene creating the design to a fully functional website. Having a website developer from Cebu with website design experience and background will surely help you achieve the website you really want.

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Choosing a good Website Designer in Cebu

Cebu is full of talented website designer and website developer but there are some aspect that you need to check first before hiring a website designer from Cebu. It would really help customers and client to check the list below on how to choose a good website designer from Cebu.

A good website designer must have:

  1. Portfolio – First thing first, a good designer can present all his / her past work regarding website design.
  2. Answer Technical Questions – Website designers should be able to answer questions from clients or customers regarding the possible outcome of the website design.
  3. Knows the trend – Part of being a website designer he/she must know the current trend and flow of modern websites.
  4. Testimonials – Nothing beats testimonials from real clients so it should be important in hiring website designer from Cebu he / she must be able to present testimonials from clients.

Those are four helpful tips in hiring a good website designer , now that you have an idea it would be nice to hire a WordPress developer from Cebu with website design background.

Hire a Website Designer and Developer from Cebu

With more than 9 years of solid experience developing websites, I have gained knowledge in website design by working alongside talented website designers from around the globe. By hiring me to work on a website specifically a WordPress website you are not just hiring a website developer you will also be hiring an individual with a good understanding and knowledge of website design. 

My service is a package of development and design, I can give you 3 designs that you can select from, and then I can develop it into a fully develop website and update it on a going basis with the use of my maintenance service.

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Cebu Website Designer that is an expert WordPress and WooCommerce developer

Complete website design and development package for an event company in Australia.

A full function WordPress website that is built by a WordPress developer and designer from Cebu.

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Your one-stop website designer and developer from Cebu , Philippines ready to help anytime just send a message.

“We did a facelift of our website and Nil helped us with the design and development.” – Nat, Australia