WordPress Website Maintenance Philippines

Senior WordPress Developer offering website maintenance to clients for an affordable price. Focus on your business and I take care of your website.


WordPress Website Maintenance Philippines

Why updating WordPress website is important

Updating a WordPress website is not as easy as you think. There are a lot of factors to consider to make sure the update goes smoothly without problems along the way.

Some problems during a WordPress website update:

  1. Incompatible PHP version.
  2. Plugins or theme conflicts cause critical errors to the website.
  3. White screen of death caused by plugin version issue.

The list goes on , you can easily avoid by hiring a WordPress developer to do the maintenance for you.


WordPress website maintenance in Philippines

WordPress website maintenance for small and large business

WordPress website of any size needs to be updated accordingly depending on the website’s needs. No website is the same in terms of the number of plugins and the version they are currently using. WordPress core version needs to be taken into consideration too. Hiring an expert WordPress developer to do website maintenance on your website on a monthly basis will save you time and headaches along the way.

Hire a WordPress developer from Philippines to do Website maintenance

As a WordPress developer from the Philippines with almost 10 years of experience, I have updated countless WordPress / WooCommerce websites in the past. I can easily fix problems if there are any that will occur along the way. Subscribing to monthly maintenance for an affordable price that fits depending on the client’s website size is one of the services I offer.

Guarantees no website downtime during the website maintenance, to make sure website visitors won’t experience any issues while browsing client websites. Being able to update website without a downtime is one crucial part of WordPress maintenance.

Some WordPress Website that is subscribed to my maintenance service

Client from United States of America that is subscribed to maintenance service for more than 2 years.

Client from Australia that subscribed to WooCommerce website maintenance.

WordPress-powered website for my Australian client who offers several services.

WordPress developer Philippines expert in WordPress Maintenance

Focus more on your business as I take care of your WordPress or WooCommerce website. No website is big or small to my service as I take care of them carefully and update the website on a monthly basis an a report will be sent to you each month. 

“No down time since I subscribe to Nil’s maintenance package” – James, Brisbane Australia